Looping & Performance: Zack Freeman

A live recording session with only one person at the helm. Zack Freeman performs solo, creating full songs out of thin air and lacing them with a pack of original lyrics. No song is ever sung the same so the audience always experiences a new performance. One layer of beat box. One layer of grungy guitar sound. 3 layers of backup singing and one layer of bass line. All from one mouth. A sampler swings from his neck and he sings each part and loops the fragments together to create soundscapes that vary from funky breaks to sorrowful dirges about the hypocrisy of materialism. The process takes anywhere from 45 seconds to 3 minutes. A cappella. All the sounds come from one mouth. His background as an a cappella singer and beat boxer gives him the unique ability to combine the rhythm of hip-hop with soulful melodies and the stability of a drum ‘n bass track.

Wednesdays 4-6pm
Ages 11-20
$50 for 8 weeks


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